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Master Massage’s Roma Portable Massage Table

Massage therapists and other practitioners know that having a high-quality portable massage table is essential. This portable massage table allows the practitioner to do their work anytime and anywhere. Because it can be a challenge to carry a portable massage table from one place to another, it is a must to find a product that is durable, foldable, and yet extremely lightweight. Fortunately, all of these factors were considered when theMaster Massage Roma Portable Massage Table was created.

Why Master Massage’s Roma Portable Massage Table is a Must-Have?

As a therapist, it is crucial that your table can provide comfort for you and your clients. Of course, before you are able to provide quality service, you must ensure that you are comfortable as well. That’s why it’s important to choose a portable massage table that allows you to adjust the height. The table’s width must be appropriate to accommodate customers of different sizes as well. If it’s too narrow, clients might feel unsafe or uncomfortable. If it’s too wide, you may have a hard time reaching to work on certain parts of the body.

Take specifications:

Size: 30" x 72" (W x L)

Height: 24" - 34" (adjustable)

Weight: 32 lb. (table only)

Support Weight: 1,500 lbs.

Other Genius Features of Master Massage’s Roma Portable Massage Table:

It is your first responsibility to keep your clients safe. Investing in a high-quality portable massage table s important. If you’re just starting out, you don’t need to worry: The Master Massage Roma Portable Massage Table costs less than most products available on the market. However, rest assured that the design, materials, and features deliver equal or better performance and adaptability.

  • The wood used in this amazing product is free of formaldehyde & carcinogens and has passed the strict standards of the California Air Resources Board (CARB)!
  • To ensure the utmost comfort of the client, Master Massage used a thick cushion of Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam™. This material has a higher density than regular foam.
  • Aside from being CFC free, a denim-like reinforcement backing is added to the design to provide extra durability. The PU Upholstery is also oil and water-resistant.
  • The Northern Hardwood Legs come in an elegant walnut color while the European polished Beech Wood legs are protected by a rich, hi-gloss Dura-Seal finish.
  • The product takes only a few seconds to be set up thanks to the Auto-Lock™ Leg System. Also, the no-skid and no-mark footpads make your table safe for any floor surface. The Clevis Block™ Leg Attachments also provide unbreakable leg support.
  • This portable massage table comes with a six-way adjustable ErgonomicDream face cradle, memory foam cushioned face pillow, 2-pocket carrying case, and a Cushioned armrest shelf. 

Providing the best relaxation experience to your clients is essential if you want them to decide on your services. Keep in mind that the proper equipment can help you deliver the highest satisfaction to your customers. If you’re after ease, comfort, versatility, and affordability, make sure to order your Master Massage Roma Portable Massage Table from Superb Massage Tables today!

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