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Richway Professional Bio-mat

Richway has discovered alternative forms of holistic healing techniques. Most people today try out many therapies to treat difficult health problems they weren’t able to cure with conventional treatments. For two decades, one of the best alternative healing products on the market has been theRichway Professional Bio-mat. This infrared heating pad combines three healing principles into a single product: several pounds of hot amethyst crystals, infrared rays, and negative ions. The synergy of the three elements creates therapeutic bands of infrared light technology that counters deterioration disease cycles and speeds cellular renewal. The light produces subtle and profound vibratory and ecstatic warmth that can provide an immediate sense of wellness.

Features and Specification

  • NASA Technology

NASA discovered the ability of mineral oxides to produce infrared ray waves by harnessing minerals, fabrics, and ceramics. The advanced materials of the Amethyst Professional Bio-mat also emit negative ions which rejuvenate the human body. This innovation in biotechnology consists of 17 layers including a top waterproof layer, silicon-urethane with cotton, and a solid square cotton padding layer.

  • Life-giving Negative Ions

Experts can find negative ions in forests and around waterfalls. The Bio-mat produces negative ions which improve the overall well-being of the body.

  • High-quality Amethyst Crystals

The Richway Professional Bio-mat holds 28 pounds of high-quality crystal amethyst. It generates far infrared rays (FIR) which rejuvenate several biological functions of cells that promote blood circulation, relieve back pain and arthritis, and eliminate toxic substances inside the body.



The high-temperature settings of the Modern 7000MX Bio-mats have similar effects to a sauna. Many professionals recommend the Richway Professional Bio-mat as a viable alternative treatment to revitalize the whole body's systems. With an affordable price of $1,595, it has helped many people to lose weight by burning calories and to treat conditions like chronic back pains, asthma, and low blood pressure.

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