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Master Massage Laguna Stationary Massage Table

Whether you’re an experienced massage therapist or just learning, there is one piece of equipment that is vital to your success: a high-quality massage table. There are several factors to consider to be sure you get the best one for your dollar. Fortunately, there’s a product available on the market designed with ergonomics, functionality, and comfort in mind. Introducing the Master Massage’s most popular Massage Table in 2019 -The Laguna!


The 30” Laguna™ Stationary Spa Massage Table is an all-purpose stationary spa massage table. Master Massage has paid attention to every detail to ensure that the final product will be beautiful, functional, and extremely comfortable. The Laguna is highly recommended for practitioners working on spas and resorts.

How can it deliver a high-end performance?

  • Master Massage is strictly in compliance with California Air Resources Board (CARB) Law, so rest assured that all wood used are free from formaldehyde & other carcinogens.
  • This product boasts a 2.5” thick cushion of Multi-Layer Small Cell™ Foam.
  • A stationary massage table provides maximum strength. The double-thick plywood deck beneath the foam keep clients stable.
  • Aside from delivering maximum strength, the Laguna provides extra durability and is both CFC-free and resistant to oil and water. Moreover, it has a denim-like reinforcement backing.
  • The Natural Northern Birch Hardwood Legs & Frame are protected with rich, hi-gloss Dura-Seal™.
  • The Laguna has a heavy-duty open-storage shelf where you can store massage accessories such as towels and linens.
  • No matter what floor surface you have in your establishment, The Laguna is still safe to use because of its no-skid, no-mark footpads. There is also a stabilizer bar to make it easy for you to open and close your table without help.
  • The dual soft-touch leg-lock knobs provide total safety, grip, and stability, and the heavy-duty table closure clasps keep everything in place during transit.

When you purchase the 30" Laguna Stationary Massage Table, you will also get a 6 - Way Adjustable Face Cradle, Cushioned Face Pillow, Contoured Arm Rest Shelf, and Matching Comfort Bolster.

More specifications:

Size: 30" x 72" (W x L)

Height: 25" - 35" (adjustable)

Weight: 79 lbs. (table only)

Support Weight: 2,500 lbs.

A massage table is perhaps the most important investment you can make if your career is in physical therapy, nursing, bariatric medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, reflexology or even tattooing. Since most of your clients are after comfort, having a high-quality massage table is a must. With this in mind, Master Massage has created a product that does its part to deliver your clients a pleasant experience.

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