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Why the Erchonia Percussor Therapeutic Device Is a Professional Must

Different clients have different needs, and this could also mean that you won’t know what you need to do unless they ask you for it. Likewise, with the customers’ perspective, there are times they don’t know what they need until it comes to them. Hence, it would help if you always were equipped with something as handy asthe Erchonia Percussor Therapeutic Device. Not only will you supplement your assets with valuable equipment, but you will also be able to address more health issues than you were before.

People who get a massage don’t just do it for leisure and luxury. Some of them have an issue at hand, and therapeutic massage helps. In such a case, the best thing that you can do is to invest in something that will help. The Erchonia Percussor Therapeutic Device pays for itself with the benefits it provides, and you can easily buy it froma credible store.

Erchonia Percussor Therapeutic Device Treatments

The therapy industry makes use of percussive therapy as a gentle treatment approach that covers muscle and ligament problems and relevant myofascial conditions. The handheld Erchonia Percussor Therapeutic Device promotes the needed increase in lymphatic flow and circulation by disseminating waves of percussive impulses deep into the tissues of the body. Aside from that, specialists also use the percussion for reducing muscle spasms, joint relief, and loosening areas all without the need for heavy forces.

Moreover, percussive therapy could also significantly reduce chronic pain that springs from migraines connected with chronic temporomandibular joint issues and persistent lower back pain. There are times when the excessive tightening of the muscles, such as those with scar tissue, can result in discomfort. Still, those conditions are also something that a percussive therapy can help alleviate.

First, the Percussor breaks up scar tissue and adhesions in the body’s fascia. This grip on this part of the connective tissue system can cause restricted motion or pain. In cases of muscle injury, the fascia contractions function as muscle protection from harm, eventually causing the surrounding muscles to support the injured one by taking its place on the job. However, it is not every time that these muscles could perform the required job properly. Thus, the problem arises.

On the other hand, the Percussor can break down the fascia that has already constricted and formed knots when the fascia and bones have successfully carried an electrical current. Older chronic pain-ridden areas are also areas of expertise for the Percussor. Here, it could release vibrations that could penetrate through various fascia layers. This procedure then lets the muscles relax and discharge necessary latent lactic acid that could pave the way for lymphatic drainage.

Your hands could easily have access to all of these benefits.

Erchonia Percussor Therapeutic Device Available at Superb Massage Tables

We aim to deliver the ultimate relaxation and convenience for both you and your clients. That’s why we vigorously promote theERCHONIA® Percussor Therapeutic Device alongside our other products.

• Pro begets pro

As long as that product is in our inventory, you can expect that it’s from the finest in the industry. USA manufactured in an ISO certified facility; the Erchonia Percussor Therapeutic Device is an output of the highest quality materials. Therefore, this proven therapy instrument comes with two years of warranty.

• Convenience maximized

You won’t have to sweat before achieving the comfort that you are trying to give, as this device comes complete and ready to use. Just pull it right out of the box; no need to assemble the whole thing.

• Appropriately modern

There’s no denying the fact that with the modern age comes modern problems. Hence, it’s essential that the technology we choose to use can keep up with our needs. The Erchonia Percussor comes with a variable speed feature that allows the practitioner to adjust for the desired outcome. Enjoy the highest degree of control that you couldn’t achieve before.

• Colors per purpose

Available are the Frost for all parts of the body, Cabernet for a firmer technique, and Mint for a more localized trigger point release. All of these attachments come with the Erchonia Percussor Therapeutic Device package.

Now that you know what you need, you only need to discover the best place to get it, and it is right here at Superb Massage Tables. Your mission is complete customer satisfaction, and it’s our job to help you achieve it. Get your product from our expert staff; no shipping fee! Ring us at 720-686-3063 or drop a line at for accessible customer service.

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