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Why Should You Choose Eco-Friendly Massage Tables and Pedicure Spas

Several environmental issues continue to plague the world as we know it. While there are people who are keen to address this issue, there are still some who don’t seem to care. It’s a good thing that there are organizations, such as the National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons & Spas (NAEFSS) and the Green Spa Network, whose mission is to keep the products we use as eco-friendly as they can be. NAEFFS is the first association of its kind and is devoted to achieving eco-friendly excellence in the salon and spa industry. The Green Spa Network provides education, resources, and gatherings for the spa and wellness industry. However, the efforts of these organizations would be in vain if we don’t do something on our part. Thus, it’s a wise option for us to opt for eco-friendly massage tables and pedicure spas.


How to Spot the Finest Eco-Friendly Massage Tables and Pedicure Spas?

When selecting which environmentally-friendly equipment to pick, consider where you are buying it first. Make sure that the company you are getting these products from shares the same ideals as you. When it comes to ecologically friendly massage tables and pedicure spas, there are leaders in environmental sustainability who maintain their environmental integrity without neglecting the quality of their craft.

Continuum Pedicure Spas works hand in hand with NAEFSS and the Green Spa Network in their green endeavors. Among the many pedicure spa manufacturers out there, NAEFFS only recommends one, and it is Continuum. This company proves its worth by remaining true to proper manufacturing processes and regulations while ensuring that their products stay unparalleled in terms of standards and sustainable solutions. Therefore, the products and services that they offer to lead to a greater good – environmental efficiency in the salon environment.

Not only does Continuum Pedicure Spas produce the best pedicure chairs that suit every budget and décor; it also assures you that the product you are buying is of the highest quality and is the most eco-friendly pedicure chair available. Why? Because they use natural components with much less plastic to provide a better pedicure spa experience not just for you, but for the environment as well.

Another eco-friendly name in the spa world is the One Concept 2012 Environmental Leadership Awardee,Earthlite Massage Tables. The award recognizes the company’s excellence for exceeding all accepted standards for sustainability within the industry. What made them worthy of it is their being the number one brand in massage tables in the spa and massage industry since the company’s foundation 25 years ago; remaining a true leader in environmental sustainability.

True to its name, Earthlite dedicates their craft to sustainable manufacturing. Company CEO James Chenevey declares that “Environmental responsibility is, quite simply, part of our DNA. We intend to continue the development of high-quality, environmentally friendly designs for many years to come.” As noted on theirwebsite, “We use only the best Maple hardwood and Russian birch plywood for solid, long-lasting construction. Earthlite uses no rainforest hardwoods or wood from old-growth forests. We depend solely upon farmed and renewable wood sources."

The benefits of eco-friendly massage tables and pedicure spas are reaching more and more people every day. You should finda reliable place to get them.

Where to Get Good Deals on Eco-Friendly Massage Tables and Pedicure Spas?

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