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Richway 30 Year Repair Policy


Our Richway products come with their full documentation, RI#s, 3 year warranty, and 30 year repair policy. If your product becomes defective in any way, you can rest assured that Richway will fix it.

Depending on the nature of the defect, the product in question, and the number of years since your purchase, there can be small fees to have the item repaired or replaced. The specifics are displayed on the chart below.

Chances are, you will never need repair service for these products. But if you do encounter a problem, please contact Richway by phone or email, and if possible, please have your RI# handy. They may be able to fix the problem over the phone, and if not, they will give you instructions to send in the item for repair or replacement. Here is their contact information:

RichWay International, Inc.
Phone: 808.589.2800


BioMat owners have the option to return their mat to Richway, and receive a brand new model (of the same size) for 30% off the retail price. The option does not expire, and does not require there to be any problems with the original mat.

Repair Fee Schedule