Buying Guide – Superb Massage Tables

Buying Guide

Most therapists aren't aware of all the possible options you have to choose from when it comes to purchasing a massage table. We can really get so customized and specific with our choices, that it's nice to have an expert walk you through the process and get exactly what you want. So this brief questionnaire is designed to help your decision making process a little easier.

1) What kind of weight are you willing to tolerate when it comes to hauling your portable treatment table around?

  • All Portable massage tables are still relatively light. The heaviest in our catalog is the Touch America Multipro weighing 55 pounds, which is really more like portable spa furniture, as it is highly adjustable and luxuriously comfortable. On the other side of the spectrum we have the Pisces Pro - New Wave II Lite weighing in at 23.5 pounds, which is still a highly reliable piece of equipment as the frame is warrantied for life! And there are many other light weight tables to choose from with both wood and metal frames. Please visit our Light Weight Tables section to view all tables under 30 pounds

    2) Would you like the ability to position your client's body on an incline with a tilting back function?

    • We also have many options of portable tables by various brands, that have a tilt back functionality.  Some of these tables are also equipped with facial bolsters and armrests that make the inclined position even more comfortable. Sometimes a little goes a long way. These tables are also available in either wood or metal frames, and with or without heated Therma Top (which is another great option to consider). The lightest weight portable table in this category is once again produced by Pisces Pro - The Salon Pacifica Portable Table weighing only 27 pounds! You can view the rest of the Portable Lift Back Category Here.

      3) What's your budget?

      • We can accommodate any budget range when it comes to Portable Massage Tables. Our most affordable model the Master Massage - Brady comes in at a whopping $129.99 which is still a quality product, it comes with a carrying case and a 5 year warranty. As the price range of these products rise, we begin to see upgrades like higher quality woods for the frame, or high tech engineering in the metal frame designs. We can also see different features like color options, heated Therma Tops, vinyl upgrades, foam upgrades, lighter weight, and various add ons and packages. Here are links to Massage Tables in various price ranges. Under $300   $300-$600   $600+
           Of course this article just represents the tip of the iceberg as far as understanding the engineering and functionality that goes into each individual product, so please enjoy the more in depth product descriptions on each product page. 


            It's also worth mentioning that the highest potential of customization and the most varying option choices is found in the Custom Craftworks, and Pisces Pro brands. Because of that sometimes the lead time is a little longer, but they also have tables that are ready to ship immediately. Some of the options you can customize are, table table width, length, foam upgrades, vinyl upgrades, prenatal option, breast recesses on and on. Please take a look at these brands through the following links Custom Craftworks   Pisces Pro

          Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything else we can do to make your decision making process easier. We're eager to go to work for you! Email us at  Or call us at (720) 686-3063