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Why You Should Grab a Free Clinician Chair from Superb Massage Tables

If you want to reward your clients with a fantastic spa experience, one of the best things you can do is to invest in equipment. A successful session is possible if everything necessary for the session is efficient. Among the most common devices are the clinician chair and bed chair. These two chairs play an essential role in providing ease and comfort to both client and spa practitioner. Luckily, you can get these two vital pieces of equipment in just a single purchase. You would only have to look fora trusted spa equipment provider. The good news is that you could get afree clinician chair with any bed chair purchase here at Superb Massage Tables!

The Exceptional Combination of a Bed Chair and Clinician Chair

The spa treatment itself has a significant role in bringing the ultimate comfort to those who seek the services. Every touch reduces the physical and emotional tensions that made them make an appointment in the first place. In this way, they are able to detach themselves from these pressures and alleviate stress. It is the basic process to give comfort and ease to the clients. However, it becomes difficult when the devices involved during the treatment fail to do what’s expected of them. If you want to keep every session successful, both the provider and the client must be comfortable. Hence, the help of devices such as bed chairs and clinician chairs is a must.

Aside from providing ultimate comfort to clients, a bed chair also has some extended functions. When your client is properly situated on a top-quality bed chair, the treatment becomes more effective and beneficial. Your clients do not simply feel comfort; their body is refilled with internal calmness during the process. The clients experience ease and comfort because of some health factors. These factors include the capacity to relax the muscles, stimulate lymphatic circulation, and encourage flexibility.

Likewise, the clinician chair becomes your partner in giving your clients a remarkable massage experience. Maintaining yourself in a relaxed position grants you the opportunity to perform the entire session successfully. This clinician chair is also designed for increased accessibility to your patients. It has a -adjustability feature to keep yourself flexible to whatever position is needed. Therefore, the clinician chair is not just there in your office for aesthetic display.

Every inch of your office space is precious, so you should consider only putting things that are useful in more ways than one.

How Can You Get a Free Clinician Chair from Superb Massage Tables? 

As one of the most hardworking spa practitioners out there, you might experience back pain every day due to having your spine situated in an improper position. Therefore, a clinician chair would be a heaven-sent gift for relief and comfort at work. Superb Massage Tables offers a free clinician chair in August. You can get a clinician chair for free if you purchase any product from Comfort Soul Elite Series Beds. 

Purchase the following Comfort Soul Elite products for a free clinician chair from Superb Massage Tables:

  1.  Luxe Elite

If you wish to give your clients an extraordinary massage experience, this medical chair can be your partner. With its advanced technology, this chair allows you to perform the massage sessions efficiently and give your clients a very remarkable experience. This electric-powered chair has a smooth and slim design with comfortable foam cushions. 

  1.  Acadia Elite

Acadia Elite is the latest addition to the Comfort Soul Elite Series and is the most advanced among other collections. It boasts state-of-the-art technology that guarantees exceptional stability, portability, and comfort. Furthermore, Acadia Elite is equipped with several unique mechanisms that provide total ease and comfort for your clients. 

  1.  Denali Elite

Denali Elite has a solid oak wood frame that gives a neat, elegant, and modern appearance. It features extra storage with its built-in cabinet that helps maximize your limited storage in the office. This bedchair has electric-powered adjustments that provide ease and comfort to your clients during the massage session. 

  1.  Lumina Elite

The most significant trends today are the devices that exhibit ultimate versatility where people can easily seek comfort. Lumina Elite is known to be the most cost-effective investment for better and more enhanced treatment sessions. This modern chair provides unparalleled comfort and versatility from its high-quality inclusions such as thick and soft cushioning, end attachment support, fully electric adjustment, and the industry-leading Z-lift™ system. 

  1.  Sienna Elite

The secret to a one-of-a-kind massage experience is placing your client on the bedchair in the most proper, relaxed, and convenient way. Sienna Elite allows spa care professionals to enhance their treatment through its modern built-in features such as the SmoothLock™ End Attachment. By using this bed chair, getting the right position for the client and performing the most calming treatment becomes easier and efficient. 

The ability to provide an excellent spa experience for your clients is right within your reach. Buy the best bed chair in town and get a free clinician chair from Superb Massage Tables. Our duty is to be the helping hand that you need in your business. Are you ready for a whole new experience? Call us at 720-686-3063 or send a message to

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