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Why Should You Get USA Salon and Spa Facial Beds for Your Spa?

People walk into salons and spa clinics to get pampered and relax. Therefore, effective service should be one of the priorities of every esthetician. However, no matter how effective your service is, it is still imperative to have professional and comfortable facial beds. The best hands, combined with the best facial beds, will deliver outstanding results to your clients. 

An excellent quality facial bed must provide comfort to both the customer and the esthetician. Spa furniture that offers comfort to the esthetician will help them provide excellent service. One way to give your customers the pampering they deserve is by providing a comfortable bed for massage and other treatments. USA Salon and Spa can meet your needs and the satisfaction of your clients.

What Are the Features of Facial Beds From USA Salon and Spa?

There are things that the client observes when going into a salon. Aside from the services offered, they also consider the equipment being used. As a business owner, you should know the importance of quality of your facial beds. There are some features of facial beds that you should know to meet the satisfaction of your clients.

Cleanliness and sanitation is another factor that customers look for in a salon. Facial beds from USA Salon and Spa are not made from cloth. Facial beds that are covered with plastic are much simpler to clean compared to the ones that are covered with fabric. This way, it is easy to maintain cleanliness.

Another perk that facial beds from USA Salon and Spacan offer is that they are exceptionally durable. These facial beds can hold a considerable amount of weight, so you can be sure that they will last for a long time. 

Tips for Choosing Facial Beds

To gain the trust of your customer, you must ensure that your salon can meet their needs. For this reason, it is essential to have facial beds that can provide comfort to your customers. Facial beds differ in several areas which you should be aware of before purchasing. 

Here are some of the things that you must consider when buying facial beds:


One thing you must know is that a good quality facial bed does not come at a low price. However, getting a facial treatment bed of excellent quality is important because the beauty industry is all about quality. Some facial treatment beds are less expensive; however, they lack important features such as durability, comfort, and quality. 


Before purchasing a facial treatment bed, make sure to consider the space in your spa. You don’t want to get spa furniture that is too big, because it will hinder you from working effectively and comfortably.

Portable vs. Stationary

A portable facial bed is a good option for mobile services, that travel to a client’s home, for instance, since it is easy to carry around. It is efficient, convenient, and gives you an opportunity to work anywhere.

On the other hand, a stationary facial treatment bed is recommended for estheticians who own a spa or beauty salon. This type is not something that is meant to be moved around because it is heavy and bulky. However, stationary facial treatment beds have more features that will keep your clients comfortable and satisfied. They also last longer than portable beds.


Adjustmentable beds are essential to meeting your needs and those of your clients. A facial treatment bed has several points of adjustment. These include head, height, and legs. These adjustments allow your clients to choose the angle that is comfortable for them. Height adjustment is significant because if a treatment bed is too high or low, it will affect the posture of the esthetician.


Electric vs. Hydraulic

An electric facial treatment bed gives the esthetician more control over its comfort, reach, and mobility. This type allows the backrest and leg rest to adjust up and down. Hydraulic facial beds enable height adjustment. They also have a foot pedal that helps move the bed up and down. This hydraulic system is only used for height adjustments. In some cases, hydraulic facial beds have a 360-degree rotational base. This feature makes it easier for estheticians to achieve comfort, mobility, and reach. 

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