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Innovative Massage Tables in Boulder, Colorado

Massage tables were used for therapeutic benefits ever since Ancient Greece. There, they were used for healing and medicinal purposes. Massage tables were made with marble slabs called plinths. In Greek times, massage tables were mostly seen in gymnasiums and used for hydrotherapy treatments, exfoliation procedures, and massages.

The first-ever padded massage table dates back to the First World War. That one was an old bed frame lined with a padded surface covered in vinyl. This gave it a stable design but with the downside of being stationary.

In modern days, massage tables come in different sizes and capabilities. Simple massage tables have thick padding with either stationary or foldable legs. More advanced massage tables combine sophisticated features. Modern massage tables often have face holes, hydraulic pistons to assist lift, and other advanced features. Fortunately, atSuperb Massage Tables, we consider all those factors. The top of the line massage tables that we market includes some of the most innovative tables used in therapy.  

Where exactly are you going?

Therapists and practitioners spend a lot of time mastering their craft, but It doesn’t end there. Many factors are considered when administering proper therapy. Massage tables are one of the most important keys in therapy.  It is crucial that the massage table you use to provide comfort, not just for you, but your client too. Massage tables must be adaptable to the needs of your client, so being able to adjust them in various ways is a must.Superb Massage Tables offers different custom massage tables ranging from simple portable massage tables to technologically advanced ones.

What exactly do we offer?

Looking for a massage table that will accommodate your clients’ needs? How about a massage table that suits your therapeutic style? Do you live near Boulder, Colorado? We have massage tables near you!Superb Massage Tables believes that wellness and health depend on great practitioners and great equipment.

Here are what we atSuperb Massage Tables offer:

  • Portable Massage Table

Portability is what we aim for. There are two variations of the portable massage table. First, are our Lightweight Massage Tables. These are foldable tables that offer a slim design without sacrificing usability. Second, we have the Liftback Massage Tables. These have the same mobility as the Lightweight but also incorporate a mechanism that raises the client’s back.

  • Stationary Massage Table

Stability is the focus of stationary massage tables. They are most often used by massage therapists to situate a client for a massage. Most stationary massage tables are heavy and effectively immobile. They provide more stability than portable massage tables and have additional padding for support. Of course, that sturdiness means they can hold more weight. Also, most stationary tables include more features such as hydraulics and electric lift function.

  • Electric Lift Tables

Electric Lift Tables are much the same as stationary massage tables. They have the same bulky appearance and immovability, but they incorporate a button-operated electronic lift.

  • Portable Massage Chairs

Portable Massage Chairs are used in a very specific way. The compact size of this massage chair ups its capability to be carried anywhere. Due to its unique application, portable massage chairs may require specialized therapist training.

We atSuperb Massage Tables commit to providing top quality massage tables for a very affordable price with durability in mind. Combine that with our top-tier customer service and it’s easy to see why our clients keep coming back.  

Grab your Massage Tables atSuperb Massage Tables for a product that helps you and your clients. We are just one phone call away at (720) 686-3063.

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